Wheel Straightening & Alloy Welding


Wheel Straightening

Are your wheels straight?

Well don”t worry here at wheel “em in we can bend them for you so you don”t feel left out, like many other motorists driving around with pot hole damaged wheels.

But seriously folks you could have bends on the inside of the wheel that you may not be aware of until M.O.T. time or when in extreme situations your tyres are loosing pressure. we are pleased to announce that we can now offer in house wheel straightening if your car is booked in for a full refurbishment we offer a discounted rate for this service. We will contact you if we find any bends that we consider to be detrimental to the integrity of the wheel.

We will not carry out the process without your consent if we consider it necessary to straighten your wheel from a safety point then we will take pictures of the damage so you can see before and after shots.

Rest assured we only provide a genuine service for the good of our customers and not a money making scam. Please don’t worry your wheels may not be bent at all.

Alloy Welding

As well as our straightening process if you have any cracks in your alloy wheels we can now offer in house alloy welding which means we can speed up our repair times as we do not have to out source this service to a third party.

We are using the latest alloy mig technology to ensure even penetration welding for strength and safety, this also enables us to build a weld on rim edges that may have any deep kerbing as this is a much better alternative to filler and retains the integrity of the wheel.