Vehicle Tracking Systems


Welcome to Abbotrack GPS tracking services. We provide an alternative, affordable and powerful tracking system for many different objects and uses. We are professional installers, sellers and providers of all different aspects of GPS tracking systems and services.
We provide GPS tracking systems for many different applications. We offer a professional installation service using only experienced and competent engineers. We offer excellent customer service and have a 24hr technical department on hand as and when required. Our software is very user friendly and works with all types of operating devices that have internet access. The software we provide has an intuitive user interface and has been developed and proven to communicate with a wide variety of GPS devices including mobile phones and tablets. All this can also be completed whilst your vehicle has its wheels refurbished.

If you already have GPS devices set up and need our services please ask a member of staff at Wheel em in, you will be impressed by our services and competitive prices. Similarly, if you have already bought your own GPS device and are not quite sure where to go next you will be impressed by our tracking software options and prices. We can also offer technical support with helping you setup your device so you can start tracking.
We can help you with a complete installation, take over your current tracking systems, or even offer you a free installation. Contact us for a professional and affordable solution.

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