Our Process

The refurbishment process at we carry out here at Wheel Em In can generally be summarized into 13 steps from removing the wheels through to refitting, However this may differ slightly depending on the service you require.

Heres the steps of a standard refurbishment:Wheel_2

1*. Wheels Removed                                   

2. Tyres Removed

3. Valves Removed

4. Old balancing weights removed.*wheel_4

5. The wheel is washed in a heated wheel wash system

6. Acid dipped to remove previous coatings

7. Rewashed to neutralise acid

wheel_58. Shot blasted to even texture and provide a keyed surface for coating

9. chemical etch Phosphate

10. Pre heated to out gas and sterilise surface

11. Powder coat primed, rebaked

12. Powder coat color, rebaked (Diamond cutting if required at this point)

13. Powder coat clear, rebaked

The wheels are then allowed to cool until they are manageable, new valves are fitted and tyres (if applicable) and then rebalanced and fitted back onto the vehicle (again if applicable)

*At the beginning of the wheel removal all wheels are checked for flat spots, cracks and trueness (buckle) if any defect is found at this stage we will contact our customer and inform them on the defect to decide appropriate course of action. If we cannot contact you and the problem could be a safety issue (such as a crack or a flat spot and/or buckle) we would take a photo of the damage and repair if possible (at additional cost)

In rare cases where we deem the wheel beyond repair we would not continue with the refurbishment as a matter of safety first.

Providing no issues at this point the process can continue.