Why should I get my alloys refurbished?

By getting your alloys refurbished you are saving a significant amount of money compared to if you were to buy a new set of alloys costing from £300+. Also by choosing to have your alloys refurbished we will put a protective coating on before the colour, this will protect the alloy from future corrosion where as if you were to purchase new alloys this would eventually corrode just like before.

Why pick Wheel ‘Em In instead of a mobile company?

Wheel ‘Em In offers a total refurbishment which mobile companies cannot offer. A mobile company will offer you a cosmetic touch up service. This will involve masking off the tyre, filling the damage with a filler substance and then painting over existing coatings. Our full refurbishment involves removing all current coatings by using an acid bath, once this process is completed they are then bead blasted with aluminium oxide to give a good keyed surface for the new powder and to remove any stubborn paint/coatings. The alloy is then like a blank canvas and ready for new coatings. By following this process the alloy will be much more resilient to weather, corrosion and chemicals also giving a higher quality finish that lasts longer.

Can I leave my car overnight?

Yes. Normally a full refurbishment can take just over one day, therefore during the night your car will still be up on the ramp with no wheels, inside a building which is securely locked and alarmed.

Will my wheels look as good as new?

The quality of the finished product is highly dependant on the age and current state of the alloy because the more an alloy is corroded the poorer the condition it will be in. Our aim is to fully refurbish the alloy to a “like new” state of high quality.

Can you refurbish split rims?

Yes. In order to refurbish split rims we will need to book your car in for two full days as it takes much longer to refurbish due to having to split them and reassemble them.

Do I get a guarantee with my refurbishment?

All the jobs which are carried out at Wheel ‘Em In come with a one year’s guarantee from the completion date. This will cover you against any dulling of colour, any cracking paint or powder coating etc. Yet this will not cover you against kerbing damage.

Am I able to wash my alloys as normal after the refurbishment?

We advise that you wash your alloys with warm water and a normal car shampoo to get them clean. You can also jet wash them if you wish, but using products which are acid based or contain silicon aren’t recommended as the acid will dull the shine as you are slowly wearing away the protective layer with each wash and silicon based products will make it very difficult to repair your alloys if you were to scuff them and bring them back in to be repaired as the silicon and paint react very badly.

Can I have any colour I want?

Yes. If you would like a particular colour please let us know when asking for a quote as we may already have that colour in powder form, however if we dont have the powder in we can order the correct powder/paint colour for you which we can then clear powder coat over so the alloy remains just as protected as those who have a powder colour applied.

Can you do motorbike wheels?

Yes we can but it is asked of you to remove the bearings and tyres.

Can you refurbish/paint/powder coat anythinhg other than wheels?

Yes, we deal with many items such as: rocker covers, header tanks, callipers, drums, sub frames and motorbike parts such as: springs, frames, casings and swinging arms. The lists are endless so if you have any queries about any item you wish to have coated please dont hesitate to call us.